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Calgary House Cleaning Services

Welcome to Sudanco Cleaning Company. We are a Calgary-based residential & commercial cleaning company and we take pride in what we do. If you need professional residential cleaning services in Calgary and the surrounding areas – look no further. We are fully licensed and insured  Our company provides superior level of cleaning quality for condos, apartments, townhouses, duplexes and more. We also specialize in commercial cleaning and office cleaning services. Our other service areas are move in / move out cleaning, floor care cleaning, post construction and deep cleaning.

Our Professional Cleaning Services

Complete House Cleaning

One of our specialties is residential cleaning, our experienced cleaners know what they’re doing and never miss a spot at your home.We clean your entire house in and out. Please give us a call and setup the schedule for cleaning services.

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Office Cleaning

We clean offices, table, floors, carpet. We make sure, every part of the offices is clean. . We also sign for a contract for offices. If you are looking for an annual cleaning contract, we can sign as well. Please give us a call.

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Move In and Move Out Cleaning

One of our specialties is move in and move out cleaning. Our experienced professional cleaning team know what they’re doing and never miss a spot. If you are hurry for move in or move out. We will come and clean ASAP.

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Deep Cleaning

We provide deep cleaning services. We clean every part of your house or office. It is deep cleaning. We clean very seriously and it is deep.

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Post Construction Cleaning

We also work for post construction area and clean up. Please give us a call if you are looking for a post construction clean up.

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Monthly Cleaning Package Available

We provide competitively-priced monthly cleaning packages. Give us a call and setup time for your home or office cleaning regularly. 

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Your Professional Calgary House Cleaning Company

I am sure everyone can agree that we are living in a very fast-paced world. It seems that everyone is trying to juggle multiple things at the same time: family life, careers, extracurricular activities, and if possible, a weekend getaway or family vacation.

Our professional lives and personal lives appear to be closely intertwined, which doesn’t leave us much time for household responsibilities and chores. That, of course, includes keeping your house clean and in good condition.

So, if you happen to be a busy family who enjoys having a clean home, allow the best Calgary home cleaning service and our incredible cleaning professional team to deodorize, sanitize, and clean your home.

We are very proud to have a team of passionate home cleaning experts who are fully trained in how to clean each of the rooms in your home properly. The bathroom and kitchen always need some extra attention and our team knows exactly what to do to get them thoroughly clean and shiny. You can expect us to dust furniture, wash windows, and sweep and vacuum away and grime and dirt. You will come home with everything smelling and looking as clean as possible. Call us today to get your house cleaning appointment scheduled.

Options For House Cleaning Services

In our personal experience, we have found that the majority of homeowners in Calgary and the surrounding areas have very demanding schedules. They are just as demanding of the level of quality they want to have done to their homes and we consider this on every time we work on. There are a couple of options that are available in terms of how frequently you can have your house cleaned.

Some people are very detailed and like to have their homes cleaned once a week. We provide flexible packages that accommodate even the most hectic schedules, and we can work with you to ensure that all of your cleaning requirements are met. Other people find that a biweekly service is a good balance for them in terms of time between cleanings and the cost of investment. The minimum that we recommend is two cleanings a month if you will not be doing any of the cleaning tasks yourself.

Finally, we offer a monthly cleaning service that has been designed a higher level form of deep cleaning based on the amount of time that is between cleanings.

So whether you are searching for a monthly, biweekly, or weekly house cleaning service, you can be confident that the Sudanco Cleaning Company will work closely with you to provide you with the high-quality home cleaning services that you need that are friendly for your budget and will leave you smiling.

Special Occasions Cleaning Services

Homeowners in Calgary and the surrounding areas love planning for special events that may include holiday parties, graduations, anniversaries, or birthday parties. Since you have to spend a lot of time preparing your home with excellent drink and food for your guests, allow your home to be cleaned by our expert home cleaning company before your event and after. That will provide you with peace of mind any time you are hosting a party for your family and friends.

Personalized Attention While Cleaning Your Family Home

We know that you value your family’s home and only want the very best for everyone living in it. You probably expect others to have that same level of respect and care also. We feel the same way. We will treat your home the same way we treat our own and will be careful and respectful at all times in how we do our work and treat all fragile items with the utmost care.

The Sudanco Cleaning Company is your professional home cleaning company in Calgary. We are fully dedicated and will work tirelessly for your entire family to make sure that your home truly shines.

Consider booking a house cleaning with us today!

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