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Calgary Commercial Office Cleaning

We clean offices, tables, floors, and carpets. We make sure, every part of the office spaces are clean. Please give us a call for office cleaning. We also sign for a contract for offices. If you are looking for a year contract, we can sign as well. Please give us a call.

Specializing in office cleaning services, we offer various packages to best meet your needs. Our services include sanitizing bathrooms, dusting and polishing furniture and light fixtures, and even spot cleaning for the ceiling. Sudanco provides floor services such as vacuuming and shampooing carpets are available, as well as stripping, waxing, and polishing. Sudanco Cleaning can clean any type of floor safely, including wood and stone. All pricing is done on a contract basis and takes into account the size of your facility and what cleaning services you request.

Contact Sudanco Cleaning for all your professional cleaning needs for your home or place of business today.